Portugal is known as the land of fado and of the famous Porto. A rich cultural and architectural heritage attracts tourists in its major cities : Belem Tower and St. George Castle in Lisbon, cellars of Porto, Guimarães, etc..
Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is also a very popular touristic destination thanks to its beautiful coastlines. The coastal region of the Algarve, famous for its beautiful beaches and cliffs, has many resorts. And for a little peace, think of the small coves around.


Website extension : .pt

Phone prefix : + 351

Gastronomic habits & Specialities

- the caldeirada (fish stew)

- the brandade

- the Leitão (Suckling pig)

- the caldo verde (soup)

Known health risks

No mandatory vaccination

Good to know

- You should be particularly vigilant in tourist and resort areas and avoid walking alone at night on the beaches or in the popular neighborhoods. It is also best to get around the city with the vehicles doors locked.

- Beware of pickpockets in large cities including Lisbon (neighborhoods of Alfama, Baixa, Bairro Alto and Saint George's Castle) and Porto. Subways, buses and trams are also involved.

- To fight against fires, from June 1st to September 30th, it is strictly forbidden to light fires in forested areas. This ban includes campfires, barbecues and braziers for picnics, fireworks and firecrackers, matches, candles and cigarettes. It is forbidden to smoke on the roads through forested areas.