What is Veezeet ?

Veezeet is born in 2011 to meet 2 need :

- Plan our trips without any travel agency
- Share our trips with our friends, so they can comment and be inspired for their own trips.

We wanted to create a entire website dedicated to travels. Not only a forum or a guide book… Also a place to share, with all needed tools for plane or tell a trip.

Two imporants points :

  • Veezeet is FREE
  • Veezeet do not need to subscribe ! You can learn everything about your next trip, try to plan it and see travels of other members ? Just do it ! If one day you want to use all the functionalities, we will be glad to welcome you.

Here are some functionalities in veezeet !

Trip planner


Choose activities you want to see.

If, like us, you like to live you own adventure, prepare stages during weeks, change your mind and compare hotels : Planification tool is for you !

It will help you to plan you stages, conveyances and expenses. Get inspired by other members trips !

You will leave with other partners? Add some passengers to your trip, and allow them to plan it with you.


Plan expenses

Want to read more about trip planner ? Read this article : “How to plan a trip on Veezeet” !

Travel diary


Write your own travel diary on Veezeet

You lived an amazing trip, and want to share it with your frinds, or keep it as a souvenir ? The travel diary tool is for you !

Write down your souvenirs : expenses, photos and everything you saw during your trip. Once done, send it to your friends. They will discover what you lived.

You leaved with partners ? Add passengers to your trip, they will share their photos and souvenirs with you.

If you prepared you trip with Veezeet, a simple click will pre-load a diary !

You want to read more about travel diary ? Read this article about “How to write a diary on Veezeet”



Learn everything about your next travel

You want to learn more about a country, or you know one very well ? Use the guidebook !

You will learn health risks, things to know, gastonomy, … You will also find photos and trip examples.

View the Guidebook on Veezeet !



Talk about everything on the forum

You have a question, or need an advice? Ask it on the forum, community will help you !

View the forum



Keep an eye on you mailbox

Talk with your friends, ask something to the passengers of a trip you like with the mailbox of Veezeet ! 

See you soon on Veezeet !

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