Unusual beaches

Summer is an opportunity to discover the destinations that make you dream. Today, we will look to the beaches, symbol of relaxation in the sun! Here is a ranking of the most unusual beaches.

  • A – Hoshizuna no Hama (Iriomote, Japan)
  • B – Glass beach (California, USA)
  • C – Dyrhólaey (Vik, Iceland)
  • D – Red beach (Santorin, Greece)
  • E – Bowling beach (California, USA)
  • F – Praia do Cassino Beach (Brazil) / G – Cox’s Bazar Beach (Bangladesh)
  • H – Hot water Beach (New Zealand)
  • I – Playa Puerto nuevo (Porto Rico)

Hoshizuna no Hama (Iriomote, Japan)

Hoshizuna no hama or “Star Sand Beach” is a Japanese curiosity on the Iriomote and Taketomi islands.

Some sand grains seems like stars. Two solutions exists for this “mystery”:

  • Legend: These are the children of the Southern Cross and the North Star, born in the ocean just off Okinawa, but killed by a giant snake. Their tiny skeletons are all that remains of the heavenly union.
  • Biology: These are foraminifera – marine protozoa that once lived on the bottom of the ocean.

VeezeetView Hoshizuna no hama, Iriomote on Veezeet

Hoshizuna No Hama, Iriomote

Hoshizuna no Hama Iriomote, Japon by twiga_swala on Flickr

Glass beach (California, USA)

North of San Francisco (California), nature has reasserted itself and offers an impressive and colorful spectacle. You can discover what is called “Sea Glass beach”, that is to say pieces of glass polished by the sea and sand.

VeezeetView Glass beach on Veezeet

Glass beach

Verres de mer, Glass beach by Dustin Bryson on Flickr

Dyrhólaey (Vik, Iceland)

Maybe you know Etretat in France and its cliffs. You’ll also be surprised by Dyrhólaey (“The Island with the door in the hill”) near Vik in Iceland.

The landscape is similar, but the nearby beaches are famous for their black sand. This sand had been created by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. This area is also renowned for being a nesting site for puffins.

VeezeetView Dyrhólaey on Veezeet


Dyrhólaey, Islande by Arni J.M. on Flickr

Red beach (Santorin, Greece)

Santorini is famous for its landscapes, you can also find beaches with surprising colors. There are black sand beaches as in Iceland, white but red, like Red Beach in the south of the island near Akrotiri.

VeezeetVoir Red beach sur Veezeet

Akrotiri red beach

Akrotiri red beach, Santorin by Iñigo Escalante on Flickr

Bowling beach (California, USA)

Another California beach famous for the forme of the stones . These are actually concretions polished by the waves with time!

VeezeetView Bowling ball beach on Veezeet

Bowling ball beach

Bowling ball beach, Californie by Ah zut on Flickr

Praia do Cassino Beach (Brazil) / Cox’s Bazar Beach (Bangladesh)

Despite extensive research, we were not able to separate the two worlds greatest beaches!

According to the Guinness book: The Praia do Cassino Beach in Brazil. About 150 miles (252 km).
According to Wikipedia: Cox’s Bazaar beach in Bangladesh. The same length, but the other side of the globe.

Both are on Veezeet …!

VeezeetView Praio do Cassino on Veezeet

VeezeetView Cox’s beach on Veezeet

Praia do Cassino

Praia do Cassino by cassinoaluguel1 on Flickr

Cox's bazar

Cox’s bazar by nasir khan saikat on Flickr

Hot water Beach (New Zealand)

Located south of Coromandel, Hot water beach is known for its hot springs nearby beaches of the Pacific Ocean. These sources create hot bath where temperature can reach 64 ° C. Tourists dig pools in the sand, which filled with hot water.

VeezeetView hot water beach on Veezeet

Hot water beach

Touristes creusant des pisicnes d’eau chaude, Hot water beach by Takver on Flickr

Playa Puerto Nuevo (Porto Rico)

Located on Puerto Rico, this beach has the distinction of being “sheltered” behind a rock mass. When the waves raged, they go over to the delight of swimmers! The video speaks for itself.

VeezeetView Playa Porto Nuevo on Veezeet

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