How to write a travel diary ?

Veezeet allows you to share the trips you made with an e-diary, and add some photos. Give some details about your stages, then share it with you friends and your family. Add expenses, and keep track of what you spent during your trip.

After the How to plan a trip post, here is how to write a travel diary !

If you already know how to plan a trip, you can directly read the 5 – Manage photos.

1 Create your diary

During the diary creation, you need a departure point, a destination and some dates.

Créer son voyage

Create your diary

Once created, you will :


  • The towns through which you passed
  • Insert activities you saw
  • Insert your expenses
  • Manage passengers
  • Add photos
  • Write your digital travel book

3 Choose the places you passed through

In Veezeet, you can declare your stages (Tokyo 3nights, Kyoto 2 nights, Hiroshima, …). They are the skeleton of your trip, you can add to it activities, expenses, hotel and photos !
With th places, you can add every move you’ve done (from the little walk to the huge plane trip).

Réordonnez vos étapes

Reorder easily your stages

4 Add actvities that you have done

Use the “Activities” field to search activities that you have done. Add them to your trip then drop them on the right stage. You will have a full list of your visits, and you can use them in the travel book.


Insert your activities

5 Manage expenses

Liste de dépenses

Manage your expenses in Veezeet

Veezeet allow you to save every expense you made, how much you paid, and who paid. Do not care about currencies, Veezeet handles it for you !

Ajout dépense

Add an expense to your trip

Gestion des monnaies

3000 JPY ? About 30$ or 23€

Advice: You will have a global view of your trip : most important cost, or stage.


Global view of your trip

6 Manage your photos

Photos in Veezeet will be visible by other members when you will share your trip. They allow them to see your visits in images, you can also insert them in you diary !

Advice: Do not use Veezeet as a save place, in order to avoid problems we resize your images before store them.


Manage your photos


Manage the photos of a stage and add one

7 Write your travel diary !

For the less communicating of you, stop here! You can view the summary of your trip as another user.

For the others, it is possible to write in details what you lived and visited. This is like a simplified blog around your trip.


Write your own trip diary

Diary write interface seems like a time line. Write everything you want inside and :

activity: Use this button to insert an activity you added to your trip (Eiffel tower, Acropolis, …) This will allow users to directly see the veezeet page for this activity !

media : Insert a photo you made

place : Insert a place you added to your trip !

Save, and then write the next day ! Once you have finished, share it with your friends or family.

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