How to plan a trip

Veezeet is born in 2011 to meet two needs :

- Plan our trips without any travel agency
- Share our trips with our friends, so they can comment and be inspired for their own trips.

Veezeet is split into several parts that give to the veezeetors all the tools they need to plan and share their trips. Here is how to plan a trip :

1 – Choose your destination

The first step when we plan a trip !

Use the trips of your friends or the ones of the other members. If you already know where you want to go, find an existing trip to get more inspired Find a trip on VeezeetFind your friends.

Find a trip on Veezeet

Find a trip on Veezeet

Find your friends

Find a trip from one of your friends

You can also read the travel guidebook, and read about the countries that interest you.You will find all the information you need to make your choice.View the travel guide book.

View the travel guide book

View the travel guide book

Ask your questions on the Forum ! A category is dedicated to trip advices.


Ask your question in the Forum

2 – Create your trip

Here your are ! You have chosen your next destination.

Advice : With Veezeet you can clone an existing trip, if a trip is similar to the one of your dreams, duplicate it ! You can then edit it as you want.

Clone a trip

Create your trip from the beginning. What do you need ? Just two dates and a destination !

Créer son voyage

Create your trip

Once your trip is created, you can :


- Choose the cities in which you will pass and stay
- Choose your activities, the things you do not want to miss
- Tell your expenses
- Add some todo reminders
- Take notes
- Prepare your virtual bag : all the things you should not forget.
- Manage the passengers of the trip.

3 – Choose your waypoints !

You want to visit Japan in 9 nights? 3 days around Tokyo, a night in Hakone, seeing Kyoto and sleeping on the Miyajima island ?

With Veezeet, you can plan your stages. They describe your trip roughly and you can add activities, expenses and things to do on each stage. More important, you can choose a hotel for each stage.

And thanks to the places, you can detail your moves and the trip conveyance you want to use.

This page is the heart of your roadbook, come back to add some information.

Advice: You decided to change your plans and reverse your stages order ? Drag and drop them where you want. Try some combinations, make the right choice !

Réordonnez vos étapes

Reorder your stages

4 – Choose your hotel / Flight

Once your places are detailed, you can use Veezeet partners to choose your hotel or your flight.
Currently, we have 3 partners to allow your to book your nights :

- (search included in Veezeet)
- (search a hotel outside Veezeet )
- Wimdu (If you love to travel in B&B or “at home”)

Choose one of them, the search will be made near the last place in your stage ! Then, come back to Veezeet and add your expense to your trip !

Concerning the flights, the search will be made by Go Voyages, our partner.

5 – Choose and manage the activities of your trip !

Veezeet give you the chance to manage your activities (monuments, cities and museum you will visit, the restaurants in which you will eat, …) like a common basket with other passengers of the trip. Add them, remove them or assign the to a stage (with a drag’n'drop system).

Gérer vos activités

Manage your activities, see what your friends propose and choose a stage.

Panier d'activités

See what you planned for each day

In order to find the “must do” activity, here are some choices :

- Use activities suggestion :


Choose a place and some filters, Google and Veezeet will find activities to do around ! Then your can add them to your trip.

- Use the Veezeet search engine, and see where were the other users.

Recherche d'activités

Search an activity near Tokyo

You found what you wanted? Simply add it to your activity basket, or to your bookmarks and come back later !

6 – Manage your expenses

The most complex part of your trip ! Between pleasure and reason …

Liste de dépenses

Manage your expenses in Veezeet

Veezeet allows you to save every expense you made, how much you paid, who paid and see what you must pay before leaving. Do not care about currencies, Veezeet handles it for you !

Ajout dépense

Add an expense to your trip

Gestion des monnaies

3000 JPY ? About 30$ or 23€

Advice: You will have a global view of your trip : most important cost, or stage.


Global view of your trip

7 – Todos

Do not forget anything ! Add what you need to do before starting your trip.

Ajouter une chose à faire

Add a thing to do, assign it and plan an end date.

Liste des choses à faire

Keep an eye on what you have to do

8 – Take notes

Take notes ! A website, a reference, or a phone number. One rule : Note everything, forget nothing.

Notez tout

Add notes about what you see !

9 – Prepare your bag

List what you need to take with you when the D-day will come.

Sac de voyage

Prepare your bag

10 – Manage the passengers

Manage the passengers of your trip. If they are Veezeet members, they can help you to plan the trip !

Les passagers

Veezeet members or not, add passengers to your trip.

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