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Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world (from 1st to 3rd rank depending on the sources) and an essential destination for anyone who wants to visit France. But there may be a large gap between Paris as you would imagine it, and the reality. Not to be disappointed by your first visit in Paris, you should plan your trip as much as possible and know some tips we will list in this post. Just follow some or all of these tips and you will never forget your journey.

Paris by David Min on Flickr

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Waypoint for a lot of tourists in a city : the museum, millions of tickets every year.

The museum is, according to wikipedia, an institution that cares for (conserves) a collection of artifacts and other objects of scientific, artistic, cultural, or historical importance and makes them available for public viewing through exhibits.

Themes are various, they are classics (Louvre in Paris), unusual (British Lawnmower museum, truely!) or disconcerting (Hiroshima Peace Memorial).

Here is a summary of most visited museums in the world.

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Summer is an opportunity to discover the destinations that make you dream. Today, we will look to the beaches, symbol of relaxation in the sun! Here is a ranking of the most unusual beaches.

  • A – Hoshizuna no Hama (Iriomote, Japan)
  • B – Glass beach (California, USA)
  • C – Dyrhólaey (Vik, Iceland)
  • D – Red beach (Santorin, Greece)
  • E – Bowling beach (California, USA)
  • F – Praia do Cassino Beach (Brazil) / G – Cox’s Bazar Beach (Bangladesh)
  • H – Hot water Beach (New Zealand)
  • I – Playa Puerto nuevo (Porto Rico)

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Lors de tout séjour en Hongrie et plus précisément à Budapest, il y a un incontournable : les différents bains thermaux de la ville. Budapest compte plus de 100 sources d’eau thermale (pouvant quasiment atteindre 80°C !) riche en calcium, en soufre ou encore en magnésium. Elles ont été bien souvent aménagées par les Romains ou les Turcs lors de leurs hégémonies respectives.

En Hongrois, le terme bains se traduit par fürdő (prononcer « furdeux ») . Toujours utile à savoir si vous ne trouvez pas votre bonheur dans la ville! Il est important de préciser que les Hongrois eux-mêmes sont très friands de ces bains, que ce soit pour se détendre après une journée de travail ou le week-end en famille. Ce ne sont donc pas uniquement des repères à touristes, c’est une tradition de la vie Hongroise à découvrir absolument!

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This article is about the new wonders. As described in Wikipedia, the list was edited by the New Seven Wonders Foundation (Bernard Weber and Deureka). First selection was with 200 monuments over the world, reduce to a 21 finalists.

Visit the 7 wonders and maybe get a medal : Plan or share your trips with Veezeet.

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