Brazil and Rio de Janeiro

In 2014 for the World Cup and 2016 for the Olympics games, the Brazil will be honored.

It is an opportunity for us to make some trips and posts about Brazil, the largest country of South America (and the most populus).

Brazil is known for its contrasts and today we’ll talk about Rio de Janeiro, famous for its beaches and carnival is a must for any first visit to Brazil! Proof : the city is a World Heritage Site (“Urban Cultural Landscape”) since 2012.

Here is a trip to Rio, maybe during the World Cup 2014 or Olympics games 2016.

If you want to, read in music :

Move inside Rio de Janeiro

Once at the airport and in town, several choices are available to you: Taxi, bus or rental car. (And the metro within the city).


Taxi is an inexpensive and safe way to travel to Rio de Janeiro. There are many taxis and there will always be someone to take you to your destination!

There are two types of taxis in Rio. Yellow taxis whose rates are regulated and are mileage paid, and others who are paid to race (a little more expensive, but with not surprise).


Even cheaper than a taxi, the bus is a good way to reach the city. Be careful though, avoid this conveyance if you arrive at night (the area of the bus station is not very welcoming at night.)

Car rental

It is always possible to rent a car to visit Rio (and go the airport). However, Rio de Janeiro is a city with high traffic. If you only want to visit the city, so we recommend that you use the car rental and prioritize public transport in order to avoid jams.


The metro is the most efficient way and the fastest way to travel in Rio. The ticket costs about € 1/ 1.3$ / £ 0.9. You can go up to Rio Ipanema (for more destination, matches by train or bus exist).  Here is the map of the subway in Rio.

Warning: Excluding periods of carnival, Rio subway stops at 0:00. If you are a man, do not use the cars with a pink sticker, they are reserved for women during peak hours. (usually these are the last cars).

Visit Rio de Janeiro

Many activities are expected to Rio and around, even outside the periods of Carnival.

The beaches

A “must do” for any tourist in Rio. The names might say something to you :

Plage de Copa - Copacabana

Copa Copacabana beach by rbpdesigner on Flickr

Corcovado / Tijuca / Pão de Açúcar

We advices you to visit :

  • Tijuca : Forest leading to Corcovado, it is the National Park Rio de Janeiro
  • Corcovado : One of the mountains of Rio, famous for its statue
  • The Christ Redeemer : The famous statue, the symbol of Rio and Brazil Christianity.
  • Sugarloaf Mountain : A peninsula that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean. Accessible by cable car.
Le Christ Redempteur

The Christ Redeemer by Trefrog66 on Flickr

The city

We advices you to visit, over several days  :

  •  Praça Quinze de Novembro : Place of November 15, it is the center of the historic Rio
  •  Paço Imperial : Imperial palace on “Praça Quinze de Novembro”
  •  Rio de Janeiro Cathedral  : Atypical, built between 1964 and 1976 is even more amazing inside than outside.
  •  Maracanã : One of the largest football stadiums in the world, built on the occasion of the World Cup 1950!
  •  Sambodrome Marquês de Sapucaí : Avenue surrounded by bleachers that will scroll the samba schools of the city during the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
  • Jardim Botânico : More than a botanical garden, this is a district (rich) of Rio. It is bounded to the west by the mountains and the temperatures are softer than in Rio.
  • Santa Teresa : Area considered as the “Montmartre of Rio”, you can walk there in the many steps through it.

We also recommend a drink to our health at the famous Confeitaria Colombo !

La cathédrale San Sebastian

San Sebastian by Liêm Phó Nhòm on Flickr

Ilha Grande

South of Rio and accessible by boat (count less than 2 hours and 10 €), Ilha Grande is the largest island in the bay. You can see beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, and take the opportunity to swim (or hiking). You can go through water taxis to reach another beach on the island.

Vila do Abrao

Vila do Abrao by Jordan Lewin on Flickr


Other activities !

  • Quinta da Boa Vista :  a park in Rio de Janeiro where you can see the zoological garden
  • Candelaria church :  A church whose architecture reflects a building over several decades. To visit!
  • Selarón : Colorful stairs made ​​by the Chilean artist Jorge Selaron!

Selaron by LSchwimmer on Flickr

Music and dance

A visit to Rio is also the opportunity to discover brazilian musical culture !

Samba, dance of the carnival, bossa nova, forró and frevo… And capoeira afro-brazilian martial art.

You want to go to Brazil ? Rio de Janeiro ?

Here is a trip to Rio, maybe during the World Cup 2014 or Olympics games 2016.
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Feel free to tell us about your “experiences” in Brazil,
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